Wd xternal hdd

HI,I have lost all reference to how to do backup with a WD PASSPORT EXTERNAL HDD.

I can not access page to do backup like i had before have nothing but problems with this HDD i even went so far as to erarse all that was on HDD reformatt it and now i have able get some use out of it,but screen that use to come up that allowed me to do a backup is totally gone and have not found a way to access it.

The screen i am talking about had bars that showed going from one drive to another drive,its probabaly something simple and stupid that i am loooking right at but i am missing,thanks,PS THIS APPEARS TO BE A ON GOING PROBLEM WITH WD PASSPORT HDD’S.

Hi, you are provably referring to the Smartware backup program, click on the following link for the steps to download and use the latest version. 

Smartware download


How to create a category backup using WD SmartWare