WD Worldbook is not recognized by my Windows 10 laptop

Hi, I’m new here. I hope I’m posting in the right place.

I have an older WD World Book 2Tb external hard drive. It was working perfectly when it was hooked up as part of my home network (i.e., it was connected to the router with a Ethernet cable) and I could connect to it from my laptop wirelessly via my home network system. The home network was set up by my late husband - he died about two years ago.

I have since moved and of course taken my hard drive with me (it has a ton of movies and media on it) I no longer have a home network system, all I have is my laptop and the WD hard drive, and either the Ethernet cable or a USB cable to connect directly to my laptop.

I also have a WD Elements 4Tb external hard drive, and it works perfectly by simply connecting it to my laptop. I am certain that the Worldbook hard drive is still good - it turns on, the light flashes, but my laptop does not see it when connected via USB Cable. If I connect it directly to my laptop with the Ethernet cable, my laptop ‘sees’ it, but it thinks it is a network/internet connection, and I have no idea how to set it up so that I can access it as an external storage hard drive.

Can anyone help me with this? I have the model number of the WD Hard drive it’s weird, but I think it is WD200000H1NC-00. Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi coleenholley,

I would like to inform you that WD My Book World edition is a NAS (Network attached storage) device, so it would not get recognized by the computer while connected via. USB cable. You always have to connect it via Ethernet cable to the computer and it would show up under network in the file explorer from where you can access the files.

Also, I would recommend you to connect the My Book World directly to the router via. Ethernet cable and again it would show up under network in the file explorer.

Thank you very much Alex. Is there instructions anywhere for connecting my Worldbook NAS directly to my laptop? I don’t have a router anymore, nor am I in a location where I can easily get one… I am ata marina so I have very limited access to anything! If you could maybe send me a link to an article on how to hook up the NAS drive directly to my computer, I would be VERY appreciative! Thanks so MUCH for your help!

Hi we had no luck with getting windows 10 seeing my book world , The answer is simple but you must have a computer running Linux mint 20 . The rest is simple your computer will now see your wd world without any problems