WD wont Find any network/media shares!


Bought my WD TV HD live about a year ago but it soon is going to be thrown out with the garbage.

I have it connect to my router Dlink dir-655 and it get its own ip number. I also have a pc connected to the router where I have all my media files. Everything is connected thru cables and nothing is connected wireless.

On the PC I can ping the WD and I can also see it under my networkshares, I can also acess it from there.

I also have a htpc standing in another room where I can acess my PC media files from without any problem. I can see shared folders when im on the htpc and play mediafiles without any problems att all.

But when I try to use my WD it most of the time wont find any network shares at all. Most of the time it will find mediashares (Fredrik-PC as it is called)  but it dosnt always work.

Anyone have any idea what I should try to do? Or should It just go out with the garbage and I have to build another htpc with xbmc that runs flawlessly?

Kind Regards Fredrik

What OS are you using?