WD wireless SSD compatible with Cloud OS5?

Dear all,

is WD wireless SSD compatible with Cloud OS5 ? If so how to enable the access from Cloud OS5 to my exisiting device? I fail with complaint from WD Tool that my account is unknown, besides with Cloud OS3 everything is working fine.

thanks DBA73

Do you mean the My Passport wireless drive?

Great device.

Has not gotten a firmware update in SEVERAL YEARS.
It’s basically an abandoned product. . . .despite being sold today.

So - - -no - - - no OS5 capability.

Plus. . the processing power of the device is low. I would imagine the indexing process would brick the device.


I meant this one:


WD My Passport Wireless SSD (2000 GB)

This product was sold until this summer in Switzerland.

regards DBA73

for this device the last firmware update is also years old…

Yes. . .the wireless pro.

LOOKS Like they have finally stopped selling these.
It was a nice concept. . . . . but they really hosed the form factor - - -it could have been so much smaller.

Oh well.

WOW 2.4 amps at 5 volts –

I could not tell if it had a separate power supply or it used one of those dual USB cables ?

£ 662 before vat tax – gees !

Hosed" is also a euphemism for drunkenness in Canadian English,