WD Wireless Pro SSH ( console, terminal) commands?

Trying my wd get useful and working, so, try to get understand, who, and what way i can there.
so far, i use:

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

  • gives some temperature, i suppose - cpu temp?

free -h

  • gives memory situation and swap file use


  • gives a cpu consumption, disk lod with iops and so info.
    if trying to run these you get message “[root@DMyPassport ~]# top
    ‘xterm-256color’: unknown terminal type.”, then do :

export TERM=vt100

also there is usable commands as


  • gives average system loads and uptime


  • it was, as some another linux uztilities there, in wd, a lame version, of true ones, so, the argumentds like ps -ax and so on not worked there, sadly.

chmod a-x S85wdmcserverd

chmod a-x S92wdnotifierd

turn off execution bit from those two files ( must do in /etc/init.d/ ), so they not start on system boot.
you can reverse situation with

chmod a+x S92wdnotifierd

like - use + instead of minus.

who i need to know - how to safe install mc ( midnight commander) there?
how to get battery state and charge level info from cmd?

more about device temperatures.

there are also iotop util, but sadly, it is not working.
it was may be good for determine, what process use hdd at most.

hope, you also share your knowledge regarding this.
yesterday, after about month of struggling with this PoS, i decide to turn off wdmcserfer and notifier, because i see no any real advantage from this, but the same time on each start they have to eat RAM, and CPU, do device very laggy and oerheat…
all what i need - samba server, ftp over wifi, and sometimes - dlna ( twonky?)…

not need shitty indexing of all my files, making thumbnails and so on, especially, when all that lead to reall slowdown, overheats and crashes with all leds flashing - and all that with only 1.8 Tb data on it, and 1.2 Tb free!

see a smartctl for disk, ( also show a disk temperature):

smartctl -d sat -a /dev/sda

for Mac users: looks like default AFP fileserver there also is wioth problem - makes device browsing very laggym and slow, and hot, i going to disable AFPD / afpfs, samba looks good, so better mount storage via smb:// in Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server

so, i disable netatalk ( appletalk, afpd) too on my wd wireless pro:

chmod a-x S55netatalk

gets seen, how it goes now…

btw, many device - oriented ( WD) scripts lay on directories

need to check and view all of this to get useful info about…

PS anyone know, what is

24358 root /usr/local/upnp/upnp_nas_device -ip -webdir /tmp/upnp/webDownlink

with twonky turned off, any of connected tablets and so, no see any DLNA / UPNP service, yet, that one is in process list…?

[root@DMyPassport ~]# cat /tmp/
ApCliRetry apache_access_log dev_plexfw_upgrade_link plexfw_upgrade_version
ApSsidTarget1 apache_error_log dhcpd.leases ready
ConnectionMode apclientARP dhcpd.leases~ resolv.conf
HDDCapacity apclientnum fw_upgrade_filesize rsync_ready
HDDDevNode apconfig fw_upgrade_info rsysmessages
HDSerial automount.log fw_upgrade_version samba/
HddPercent avahi_service/ ifplugd_trust scan_result
HybridEnabled backup.log iwlist scan_sort
InternetConnection battery lock/ scan_temp
MCU_Cmd batteryCount log.nmbd scan_temp_1
MCU_Version batterymV log.smbd sess_6vc1u0rv0cm2mnokcg0u5oalp3
MountedDevNode chkconf.log mcuTemperature temp_state
RememberNetwork cleanupShare mediacrawler twonky_info_status
RememberNetwork1 connected messages twonky_server
RestAPIReady contentdir messages.0 updateCounts/
TargetConnectAP cores/ monitor.ifconfig uplinkAP
TmpfsPercent cron/ opensslbase64 upnp/
WPS_APstatus cron.log php-errors.log videoformat
WPStatus debugmtpdev pingInternet wifi_adaptivity.log
apClients dev_fw_upgrade_link plexfw_upgrade_info wifinetwork-remembered.conf
[root@DMyPassport ~]# cat /tmp/battery
charging 100
[root@DMyPassport ~]#

that was /tmp/ folder content.
see, how we can get battery state there.