WD Wireless pro all blue lights flashing fast

Hi ive just purchased the passport pro 3tb from an electronic company 2nd hand. Usually they are good as all products are quality checked and come with a 24 month warranty.

As i turned it on for the first time all looks fine, the wireless light flashes and so does the hdd icon light, but after 30 seconds all the blue led lights flash fast including the battery indicators.

I found a guide on WD website to put it into factory restore by turning the device on then simultaneously press and hold the power button and led indicator button for 10 seconds. However after multiply tries nothing responds and the light just keep flashing fast until you turn it off.

Tried plugging it into my pc but no drive appears in disk management.

This is frustrating as i wanted it working in time for my holidays.

Any help is appreciated.

details of drive:

model E6B




I know this device well enough to know you have a bad unit. Get a refund immediately and buy a BRAND NEW one now from Amazon if you need it before your holiday and never buy a used/resold electronic pricey gadget again.

You tried the reset correctly if you did the reset while unit was ON and fully charged.

When you plug in to the PC and in disk management and can’t see the device. Which mean the PCB board is bad with the indication of the fast flash.

It does load up on disk management as a health partition. Just wont turn on and act normal when its not plugged into the pc

I still believe your unit is bad because it was returned bad and resold by seller, UNCHECKED, TO YOU!

Just return it as the flash is bad.