WD will not finish

It says estimated time remaining but no time and the blue line is complete across to the end
I just put in a new 1TB hard drive in my macbook pro and my computer screen is gray unless I plug in the passport.

Any ideas what to do

Hi there,

In order to better assist you, please give us more information on what you are trying to do, for example if you are using Time Machine, or a different software.

Time machine does not show up now so my computer only works when the
passport is plugged in

If you go to the system preference section and go to time machine do time machine preference come up?


When I click on ■■■■ utility the options are passport and disk utility.
Should I click passport and select disk and use †he passport
or click †he disk and use †hat I also have †he option to use both, should
I use both? Then can I unplug the passport.
Usually when I unplug the passport the mouse stops working.

I believe you should click on the passport, and then check the options you are getting from there.