WD WD2002FAEX drives clicking

I’m not sure as to what is happening here, But I have 2 of these drives and I hear the drives making an odd clicking sound.

They are connected to my mobo (asus maximus iv extreme z) on the intel ports & have tried it on the marvel ports as well with same effects.

If I put my ear to the front of my case, I can hear this (forgive this, but its hard to describe):

click, click…click, click…clike, clike over and over, never stops.

If I put these drives in a USB3.0 external enclosure, They dont make any noises except the usual noises when transferring files.

Its only when they are internal that I hear these clicks.

This happened on the Asus maximus IV extreme p67 board and on the new extreme-z z68 board.

I’ve had 1 of these drives before and ran it on a x58 rampage formula III asus board and didnt hear any clicking sounds at all.

I dont think the drives are bad persay. Maybe its a controller or sata driver issue that hasnt been noticed?

Hi there, I’d suggest to check on the SATA controller on the MoBo and the voltage supplied to the drive…