WD WD Caviar Blue WD5000AAKX Heats up and can't format or install OS

I have purchased WD Caviar Blue WD5000AAKX HDD from online store FlipCart.com and now trying to assemble new PC using this. I was never able to get it working and I’m struggling with it. Everything is new. For the first time when I tried to assemble(3 days ago) and run Windows set-up to format hard drive and install OS, I was able to complete the formatting but suddenly the error appeared that set-up is unable to locate partition and the next error was unable to detect Drive. I tried again with same error. I just noticed that the hard drive was like burning hot. I had to remove it and wait for it to cool down. Tried again by keeping hard drive outside. I couldn’t pass the set-up because by that time the hard drive heats up very fast and then the system just can’t locate it. I have given the hard drive to local serviceman to see if he can install OS to that.

Im assembling a new computer for myself and its been frustrating so far due to the hard drive heating problem.

By the way I like WD hard disc’s.

The drive appears to be faulty

you can try replacing the drive