I activate itunes at de WB.  When i start up itunes  at xp pc (32bts)  its sees the network disk but cant connect,

Its telling., check your firewall softeware at pc and remote pc, cant connect through port 3689.

I did some google work but find nearly info.

WD Book is behind a Sitecom Gigabit router.

please can some one tell me what to do, i bought the WB just because of a huge mp3 collection i want to share about several pc.s



Check your firewall; make sure that port is open.  Most firewall software will detect the connection attempt and prompt you to allow/disallow the connection.  You might also need to forward that port through your router.  I don’t know what model router you have, but this might help: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Sitecom/WL-153/iTunes.htm.  I’ve also heard this is overkill, but it probably can’t hurt to try.

Hope this helps!

Hello thanks for the reply…

I did what i had to do by the router settings, (used virtual server because it is only one port need to be opend.

But it still say that it cannot connet to port 3689/… o boy what should i do. or what am i doiing wrong?

I use avg virusscanner and windows firewall at my xp machine.