WD Warehouse shipping or not?

I have 100+ successful RMA’s in my long standing account, & they are jerking me around too.

RMA 87591508 has a fake tracking number of 42092609

I’m used to seeing the long UPS tracking that begins 1Z. All tracking begins 1Z.

We have seen it all now folks. Hang in there. WD has to address this. They aren’t shipping orders. Your warranties are worthless right now. Waiting for assistance.

Nobody at WD comes here anymore, eh?

UPDATE. Still no shipment as of 8/19

What explanation is there for this warehouse to just pick and choose which RMA orders they want to actually successfully process and which ones their new calexico mexican warehouse want to steal the packages from, within a longstanding customer’s account? 8/13 a fake tracking number for UPS is posted “42092609” doesn’t exist, & is not valid format for UPS… 6 days later, still no response here or from WD email support.

Advanced RMA is supposed to be expedited. Not slower then ever, and false info given.

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Hi dsdestiny,

We have recently experienced some delays in processing RMA requests. As of August 20th all processing delays have been addressed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Not true.

RMA 87591508 says 42092609 for the tracking.
This is a fake tracking number.
I have not received this order, and it has been 1 week.

I see you deleted the lawyer’s post seeking all of us to contact them for a class action lawsuit.

Tread carefully “James”. You could be named in your personal capacity


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Hello @dsdestiny,

I have confirmation from our shipping department that your replacement has shipped. You should have been updated with tracking information in your support request. If you have any issue getting the tracking information please PM me and I will be happy to look into it for you.

Hi dsdestiny,

I have sent a message. Please check your WD Community Message Inbox.

good one!!!