WD vs. Synology, FIGHT!

Long story short, my Synology DS 212j DiskStation says my hard-drive is “degraded”.

Both Quick and Extended tests using the Western Digital Diagnostic software say my WD-Red drive is fine, PASS.

Both Quick and Full DiskStation SMART tests, say the drive is ‘normal’.

All tests say the drive is fine!

Synology hits me back and says, “I’m not sure why SMART tests not detecting any errors, but you do have I/O errors on the drive so I would definitely recommend replacing the drive.”

Who’s right and who’s wrong?!


If it’s a new drive, it could be normal that the drive is “degraded”,

7. You’ll see the attention screen with the warning that a disk is degraded and needs to be replaced.
The whole reason for the warning is that we just replaced the disk, so we’ll ignore the instructions.

See: http://theosquest.com/2014/02/24/synology-disk-replacement-on-dsm-5/

I’ll read over that, but no, it’s not a new drive. The drive is not quite 3 years old and it spins up a few minutes a month as it’s basically used for back-up purposes and not all-out NAS usage. That’s what’s so crazy, after such a limited amount of usage time, it can’t be bad, can it?! Especially since all tests say it’s normal.

Read over your linked-info, nice walk-through. Thanks!

I still don’t believe the drive needs to be replaced, but what do I know. Synology says it has no idea why their tests, and WD’s, all say normal/PASS. They also say the drive has I/O errors which has caused it to be “degraded”.

I/O errors? Seriously?!

This drive is less than 3 years old with a total active time of maybe a month!

So, answer me this… Is it the DiskStation that’s at fault, making the drive degraded? I mean, is this going to happen again?!

Welp, let’s pray for the genius! I’m “repairing”. Freaks me out that all contents will be erased. Sigh. Freaks me out that the drive is “normal” yet “degraded”.

This had better absolutely positively work or I’m going to take a baseball bat to the Synology DiskStation. Good times!