WD Velociraptor WD1000DHTZ WD5000HHTZ WD2500HHTZ

Does the following Velociraptors work in RAID-0 without dropouts?

Do they support TLER?

They are labeled Workstation drives, and in businesses this often indicates that they are meant for professional workstations which often run Raid-0, Raid-1 or Raid-5

Are these drives designed for this?

I am considering a 4x setup of WD5000HHTZ for sequential writes of large amounts of data (Fraps recordings at high framerates for later slowmoediting) so i am curious as to if these drives can get the job done or if they are horrible for the job.

CBA blowing $550 on drives that will make the raid fail and drop out.

Hoping for some feedback.


Hi I wondered about the drop from enterprise also. I run raptor drives 600 gig ones in raid they work great so the best way to answer this is the WD responce they sent me.

After I received your reply, I decided to look into the issue to see what changes have been made to the newer generation of the Velociraptor drives. The change from Enterprise to Workstation was really driven by the utilization of Advanced Format to drive higher areal density and align capacity points with traditional client-type capacity points. AF is an issue in older servers that still support 512n-sector I/O, so unilateral support in Enterprise is not possible. Workstations typically utilize the latest OS and applications that are AF-friendly. It’s important to note that the fundamental design of VelociRaptor remains unchanged – still has TLER, RAFF, other enterprise-like robustness - and maintains many of the same specs as the previous generation.

The change from Enterprise also allows us to clarify our Enterprise positioning. VelociRaptor confused many of our enterprise customers. With this move, our 2.5" 10K SAS becomes our focused Tier 1 Enterprise product, consistent with the positioning of other suppliers.

hope that helps

Thank you very much for this update! :slight_smile: