WD Utilities Cant See Docked 4TB Blue

I have my 4TB Blue drive in a dock and my Mac can see it. WD Discovery sees it but WD Utilities refuses to show it when I open the app up.

It shows my WD My Book usb drive but not the 4TB. I do notice that it seems to only work on external usb drive, like My Book or `Elements. So I suppose the question is how do I check my WD Blue in an external dock ?

Any help appreciated

To check your WD Blue drive in an external dock on a Mac, use the Disk Utility tool. Open it from the Utilities folder within Applications, select your drive, and run First Aid for diagnostics. If WD Utilities doesn’t recognize it, this alternative should help your assess the drive’s condition.

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Thanks Brandy

Yes, I’d already run the Mac disk utilities but wondered if there was a more comprehensive suite of tools in the WD apps. Obviously not and I understand why. Thanks for your help

Hi, thanks for your reply, it helps me too.