WD USB3 HDD problems


A lot has been going on to my HDD. First I’ve moved LOTS of data to it, also I defragmented it using some tool, also I tried to backup the data on it, etc…

Now it’s not working properly. If I move files, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

I noticed that if it hanged at a certain file, even if I disconnect and try again, it will stop at the same file, and that file isn’t necessarily that large (10-100 MB big).

Some files (even 100-300 MB) are moved easily.

I’ve noticed that the hanging isn’t really complete stop. It 1) Takes too long to recognize the file 2) It moves the file extemely slowly (100KB/s).

I’ve tried backing up using software and manually moving the files. I can’t do anything, it hangs every few number of files. What are my options? The drive has everything from text files, books, pictures, documentaries, movies, series, applications, and so on. Losing it will really feel bad…

Hello Mate,

If you are having a specific file issue it seems to me like that file is corrupted, try to copy your flies again and remove that file from the list.