Wd & ups farce

Firstly im a long time user/fan of WD products both at home & in the workplace & usually purchase

my products via outlets such as OCUK, SCAN etc.

I decided to buy a late gift for a relative direct from WD as my regualr retailers did not stock the item

in question, i ordered the item on 22/12/13 (yes a crazy time to order i know) but i was in no immediate

rush for the item.

My problem only began this morning when i decided to check up on the status of my delivery, i logged

in & cliked on the UPS tracking only to find that this item had been claimed to have been delivered

on the 31/12/13 …?

Ok, so i check the tracking detail, only to find there was none!? The address was listed with no detail

at all, no town , no streeet, no postal code etc… Ok so who signed for it then? there was a surname

which was clearly not mine nor any neighbour within 4 houses left or right or adjacent!?

Since my mind reading skills are not upto much i decided to call WD UK, the only problem was i was

speaking to someone that barely understood english & was just reading from a sheet (facepalm).

Ok i have been at that address off work for the festive shutdown for nearly 2 weeks, with no delivery

nor a card through the door, WD’s response was less than helpful, they said i would have to put a ticket

in which would take 3 working days to get an answer!?

I was furious, but i thought it would be to get some answers from UPS, straight away the guy was very

helpful understood english & proceeded to tell me that someone would call me back within the hour!

GREAT! 15 mins later i gets the call, only to be told “the driver ‘THINKS’ he left it at 19 or 21?” but left no card?

So you left my goods at an unknown address to both myself or YOURSELF!?.. the response was

“We are sorry we did not leave a card, please knock at your neighbours houses & get back to us”

I was also told “WD have given us strict instructions to leave all deliveries with neighbours”

that’s Fair enough if your being left a ‘sorry we missed you card’, but still doesn’t prevent any

unscrupulous persons from abusing this system, which is why courier companies have a

strict process to have goods signed fro or they are returned to the dept for the person to collect

An appauling service/help from WD, although UPS messed up but were at least helpful in

resolving this farce!


Turns out the goods were left at number 30 & not 19 or 21 as they originally told me!

Overall fail & i was lucky it was a trustworthy neighbour otherwise i wouldn’t of seen the item again

nor would i of recieved a refund/replacement as WD considered the item delivered, despite the UPS

screwup which would of left me out of pocket depsite this being a signed for insured courier service!!!

Overall unprofessional & poor handling by UPS with absolutely no help from WD to resolve.

Hopefully my post may offer some insight as to the flawed system & the potential losses we

customers may suffer at the hands of this flawed system, in this case i was lucky.