Wd unlocker problem

i connected for the first time my new passport 259f usb 1tb WD unlocker (wd security) to my Windows 7 intel pc, i encrypted my files with this tool and it worked untill the 1st reboot. Now the problem is: When you lunch the WD unlocker.exe (autorun and manually) there is no pop up that comes up, just windows sounds of broblem (not crash but similar to that windows sound). I hope you can understand my report.
anyway i just updated the WS Security software.

thank you so much
Francesco T.

Can you open/run WD Security with your hard drive disconnected? If you can not, then try reinstalling the application. You can also try to unlock your hard drive using WD SmartWare as opposed to WD Security. It should detect the hard drive.

If it still does not run I’d recommend permanently disabling encryption in another computer.

Hi all, after some time i fixed the problem. It was almost easy when i discovered it! i had another tool of my motherboard to control external hard drive and it crashed the opening of WD security. i fixed unnistalling it!

Thank you for your help