WD Unlocker Icon instead of Drive image showing when loaded-drive looks locked

I used to see my attached drive but I did some cleanup on the computer and now I only get the WD UNLOCKER icon.  It looks like it is locked even though I don’t rememeber doing it.  I tried my several passwords and no luck.  I have lots of data on the drive and don’t want to lose it.

I tried using WD Smartware but it doesn’t see the drive at all.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


I recommend you contact support directly for this.

Contact WD

Problem solved.  I installed the security software and it started working correctly.  I immediately saved all my datat to a new drive and will work with this one to see if it acts up again.  Lesson learned…maybe not a good idea to clean so much off the computer…lol

Thanks to the group