WD unlock creates illegible drive

My Passport Essential USB3. Encrypted with Unlocker. Used for 2 months with no issues (I plug-in, drive K: appears, I run unlock, enter password, the “data” drive L: appears with the disk contents).

Now the “data” drive does NOT show in “Computer” or anywhere else. Device Manager all OK.

Disk Management DOES show the unit but, unlike the other drives in the PC, it is marked “Offline” and has no drive letter (context menu grayed out).

Rebooting/pluggin to another USB3 port does not resolve the issue.

Please help: I have hundreds of valuable info in this drive!


Windows help eventually said: right-click and select option “Reactivate disk”.

This did not work: right-clicking on the greyed-out partition gave a greyed-out context menu!

I then right-clicked on every single item in the “disk line” and, sure enough, clicking on ONE of them, had a “Online” option: selected, problem resolved.

Can anybody explain me what happened?

Best regards



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