WD unit not connecting to the router via wireless?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to connect my WD unit via wireless to my router but I receive the “Wireless Network Not Found.  Unable to connect to the wirless network. Please make sure you have entered the wireless network name and password correctly” message.  OK, seems straightforward enough…

The router is on.  Wireless is working (the laptop I’m currently typing this forum message on is connected to it, via wireless).

When I go through the Wireless Network Setup options on the WD unit, choose Auto, and scan for local WiFi connections it picks up my router.  I choose it.  I then have to enter the network security password…

I have tried entering a number of passwords/codes but to no avail.  I have tried: the WiFi key on my router; the S/N number on my router; the P/N number on my router (with and without hashes); my router password; my Windows network password even (same as the routers).

Any ideas please?

Much appreciated!

Use the same password you used on your PC’s wireless setup.

Thanks Tony,

Tried that - it’s simply the same value as the WiFi key on the side of my router - but no luck.

In the end I got it to work using Windows Pairing.   I was a bit worried that Windows Pairing might be a bit of a ‘one-shot’ solution, having to re-pair every time I powered-up the WD unit, but it seems to be working OK, automatically linking-up to the laptop after I power it back on everytime, so all good.

Thanks again.

“Windows Pairing?”   That’s a new one on me!

Do you mean “WPS?”  (WiFi Protected Setup)?