Wd ui iso image? (help!)

I was recently in my WD MYCLOUD and for some reason I can SSH into it but the UI does not work, I tried to do a RESET of the unit but still nothing… Where Can I download the ISO of the OS and UI so I can re-install it on the box? Please provide step by step instructions. Thank you…

Which reset method have you tried?   The 40-second reset?

I tried the 40 second hard reset of the unit. This did nothing to restore the OS. I can get it back up and running if i were to have the ISO for the OS/UI that’s why I was asking for it.

There is no ISO for the OS/UI that I know of, but several users were able to restore their image through this thread:


This is tantamount to a complete reset of your disk though. Did you try to reinstall the firmware using this type of instructrions?


Since you can access through SSH, backup the content of your shares before trying the above.