WD TVLive Plus Bad Video

Today I tried to watch a movie located in my pc’s hdd in my tv through network shares in WD TVLive Plus. The WD TVLive Plus was not working correctly, first it said that it couldn’t connect to the network, then it said that there was no media in the folder, and after playing with it for few minutes I was able to access the movie file I wanted to watch in the pc. Then, after few minutes of playing back the movie, it stopped and it went back to the screen where the file folders are shown.

I decided to reset the WD TVLive Plus, so with a paper clip I depressed the little button on the side of the unit to reset it.

The unit then tried to reboot, but after that all I get is bad video, the image in the TV screen is all distorted now, with a pinkish color and it flickers a lot, making the WD TVLive Plus useless.

Does anybody here know  how to fix this issue?.

I tried resetting the unit few times, but no success. I unplugged it, waited half hour, plugged it back to power and nothing, the same distorted image is shown on my TV. When it first boots it shows the WD logo perfectly, then it goes to the menu and that’s when the image gets really bad, it flickers and it is not possible to select or do anything.


Ok, I was able to resolve the issue myself.

I just depressed the reset button again, this time holding it for a few seconds until the image came back perfectly again.

The device seems to be working perfectly now, if this happens to you, just depress the reset button holding it for a few seconds until the image comes back neat.

Looks like you have shifted from PAL to NTSC and back (or vice versa) - that happens if you press the button for too long (10 secs if I remember correctly)

That must be it, Cocovanna. I didn’t know that depressing the RESET button for too long would change the unit from PAL to NTSC and vice versa, but if that is the case, then that’s exactly what happened. Now it is working perfectly.