WD TV will not recognise my My Book Elite 1TB external harddrive -


I purchased the My Book Elite 1TB External Hard Drive yesterday and managed to talk the wife into buying a WD TV today. I have hooked up the WD TV to my LCD via HDMI… so good so far… but it will not recognise the My Book Elite.

I have a message across the top of the screen “No Storage device detected”… whats up with that?

I would have thought the egg heads at WD would allow one of their devices to talk with another.

any assistance you can provide is appreciated.

20 minutes after I posted the above, I realised my error… My external hard drive was password protected and I could not enter the password to allow access. I disabled the security setting on the HD (while hooked up to my PC) and it now works smoothly.

My apologies to the egg heads at WD