Wd tv w/ external hdd

I have a question, in place of a NAS, I was thinking of ripping all my Blu-ray discs to a 4tb My Book. I know if you reformat the My Book to Fat32, so I can plug it into my TV directly, you give up storage. Can I go My BOOK>WD TV>TV without losing storage?


You can use the My Book in NTFS with the media player if you want also, this way you don’t have that 4 GB limit that FAT 32 has, however if the TV only supports FAT 32 and you wish to connect the drive to the TV then you can go with FAT 32.

Or a mini pc (‘mini’ for cheapness) setup. My setup is unaltered (NFTS) My Book, via laptop, to tv. All 4tbs available: MY BOOK>LAPTOP>WDTV>TV. Not the answer you were looking for I’m sure, but no loss of storage space.