WD TV Thumbnail Builder

WD TV Thumbnail Builder is a set of tools for the WD TV media players, though it will work with any thing really.

This utility can automatically download and save thumbnail images for all of your media files and save them in such a way that the WD TV will display them when browsing media in thumbnail mode. This utility will also create thumbs for folders with the folder name as part of the thumb to make navigation in thumbnail mode easier.

I build this app to get my own library in order, but I hope others can make use of it also. Suggestion are welcome for improvement.

Here’s a screenshot:

Download Link

This new version requires the .Net framework 4.0 to run.

You can download the .Net framework from Microsoft using the link below:

.Net 4 Framework

I tested this software, it is nice, for some weird reason, it was running great for about 10 minutes then it slow down, it was responding a bit late. I restarted the PC and the software and it went back to fast response.

In other words, good application.

I goes out to the internet a lot, so it there were other programs using up the bandwidth, it woule be normal to see slow down

Great idea! Does it work for gen 3?

Also, if you could implement customizable metadata, that would be awesome.

It works fine with Gen 3.

What kind of metadata would you like to see?

New build posted with Thumb size fixed

This looks great!  Do you plan on making a version for those of us who use macs?   Is there a way for the program to look at the existing metadata in the file rather than going out to the internet to find it?

Yes! a Mac version will be great!

This is the coolest little program ever, hopefully the next firmware from WD will improve the thumbnail quality though, right now the image is stretched and fuzzy.