WD TV Streamer does not find all files on my pc

Hey all, 

I bought my mom the WD Streamer for christmas but I can’t get it to work properly. I have got some mkv files (x.264) and .IOS files on my pc, I’ve got the codecs so that WMP can play them but the WD Streamer doesn’t find these files. - It does see the sample video’s that are on the pc and a video I recorded with my webcam. 

All of these files are in the same folder. I was under the assumption that the codecs would fix my problem, however if I try to start the movie via my PC, it says either the device or the PC doesn’t recognises the file format. And if I search on my pc through the device itself it just doesn’t sees the files. 

Other PC’s in the network can see all the files btw. 

Any idea’s to what may cause this? Any additional info you need?



How are you connecting to your PC. You should connect via network shares to see all files.

Hi Rich,

I’m having the same problem, I can’t see any shares.

I’ve looked in the “my Book World” folder shares settings page and they are all disabled, but I can’t figure out how to enable them.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



richUK wrote:
How are you connecting to your PC. You should connect via network shares to see all files.

I’m connecting through “mediaserver” option. I’ve tried the network share but I need a username for that and a password, and so far I know I’ve only set a password for the “homegroup” so I’m assuming it wasn’t the same. Any idea if there’s a general username then?

But seeing as I do see other videos that are in the exact same folder, isn’t that abit odd then?

You should use the default user / password that comes up on the screen. You may have to reset it in the setup menu if you have played around with it. Always use Network shares if you want to stream all your media. Media servers look good but are limited to what they actually serve.

Alright cheers. I can indeed see most of my movies now. I guess the rest it doesn’t show is due to wrong formats