WD TV Streamer : Bluetooth Dongle + Bluetooth Keyboard


can anyone tell me if I plugged bluetooth dongle into the WD TV Streamer would it work along with a bluetooth keyboard ?

something like


along with


I doubt it, since bluetooth requires drivers and a stack. Using a “normal” wireless keyboard will work, though.

If you want to use a wireless keyboard then I can confirm that the Logitech wii keyboard works well.


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http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0041SKBGU Works for me. Another forum with diabolical editing.

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thanks … i was trying to get one with a built in touchpad thingy, so i wouldnt need a mouse when i use it with other devices …

i actually thought these were all basically bluetooth devices and that the Snap-in transceiver mentioned in the above link was a bluetooth adapor ?

Guess I am wrong on this ?!

No, you’re not wrong!

The USB Bluetooth dongles don’t need drivers.

This one works like a charm for me:


Ah thanks; thats looks great … I’ll go for that one