WD TV should be able to process PDF files

Any thoughts?


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My own feelings are that viewing PDFs are about the last thing that the Live should need to do, but in general I don’t see the Live as anything other than a video player.

uggghhh wrote:

Any thoughts?




LOL, pdt’s ? Next request will be to let  the WDTV make a cup of coffee ? :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?


Why should it support PDFs?  Please be reasonable with what you suggest?  Why not Text files, HTML, XML, and how about Office files like Excel and Word and throw in an Access database reader.  This is a media player as in vidoes and music.  Not a document reader.

Like Mike said, post your idea in the Ideas forum.  Other users can then view it, comment and vote for it.

My thoughts are that it’s beyond the scope of what the Live offers to do (Videos, Music, Pictures) and will never happen.  There are too many other bug fixes and ideas that have much wider appeal and priority.

It could turn your TV into an e-book reader.



I have been impressed with the device so far.  However, turning into a coffee cup would not be necessary.


Like you said, it is a media player.  I would include viewing documents under the media category.  Using the HDMI connection with an average HD TV would make viewing documents on your TV reasonable.  Consider havng a recipe on your computer.  Now I would have to turn my computer and find the file.  The WD TV device could allow for quick connection to the document.

I suggested PDF since it is a popular tool for viewing documents.

I think  the WD TV is a great device.  Looking at video and pictures is nice; however, I believe the device can be programmed to do much more.


Last I looked this is not a general purpose computer. It is a media player sold for videos and music and photos.

If you want to read pdf and do movies too then invest in building a HTPC. it will do all that and more.

Something else to remember is that the retail units only have so much room in flash to store the programs it runs after boot and there is not a whole lot of space in there for adding much more. So if it comes to choosing between DVD playback with menus vs pdf reader I think people prefer the first.

Rather than PDF, I would suggest you just save your document as a GIF, BMP, or JPG.   You could easily have a collection of recipes, etc and browse through them as images.

If you want to do it easily, use Powepoint to set up a layout and add your recipe to each slide, then when done save as JPGs, or another image type.