WD TV Sharing Problem

Hello, Yesterday, i have bought wd tv live streaming. We have sharing problem. I use 500 GB - NTFS formatted disk. I access WD Tv from iphone but i can’t access android device (my samsung galaxy SIII and Asus TF700). i see on network but i can’t access. Please help me. What can i do

my asus firmware android version 4.1 and WD Firmware version is 1.14.09. Please help me.

What app are you using to access the player?

ES File Explorer, wd photo,  astro smb, andsmb, smb file sharing and etc. All apps is not access WDTV live.


Movies is my USB Disk volume name. Disk formated type is NTFS, yesterday, i was format disk again. But still not access WDTV

You could try contacting support for further assistance.