WD TV Remote iPhone app and WD Live Plus

Just updated firmware and iPhone app (v1.1) and it can`t see WD TV Live Plus. Someone can confirm ?

check this thread


Thank you, but i don’t understand, how reading this thread should help. There’s no word about iPhone remote app.

The point is, i have latest updates, and the iPhone WD remote app can not connect to WD TV Live Plus.

Well if you read the comments on that thread it shows the app needs to be upgraded to WD Remote App 1.1 and as of yesterdays still was not available

Wizer, the WD Remote v1.1 app was released yesterday, and the OP stated he already had that version on his iPhone.

I have WD Remote v1.1.0 on my iPhone4 (IOS 5.1.1) and the app works fine with my Live Plus.

iPhone restart did it. Now it works, thank You.