WD TV Remote does not work with IPhone 5 IOS 6

Hi, I cannot get the iPhone app for the WD TV to work with the iPhone 5. I’ve seen some reviews of the app that says it does a not work with the iPhone 5 and IOS 6. Is this correct and if so will WD release a fix or am I just doing something wrong? (There is a TV with a red line through it at the top of the app)


I have it working just fine on my iPhone 5 and the current iOS and it controls both my SMP’s just fine. Just make sure your phone is connected on the same wifi network. Occassionally I have to reset my router or the SMP itself for everything to see each other.

Thanks very much for the clarification. Will try resetting, cheers 

I have found that uninstalling an app that is not working right and then re-installing it can help sometimes.  So, if all else fails, try this approach.  Can’t hurt.

There are a number of fixes.

  1. On the phone disconnect it from the wifi and reconnect to the wifi.

  2. On the phone make sure to clear the app data and forcestop the app then restart it.

  3. Uninstall the app and reinstall the app.

All of this is assuming your Phone is on the same network as your WD TV Live devices.

I assume that you have the Live streaming gen3 player or the WD live gen2 with latest firmware plus you have the player switched on and connected to the network.

Hi, i restarted my wireless router and this fixed the problem. Thanks everyone for their help.