WD TV Remote 'Back' Button and HDMI-CEC Control Question

I am able to use HDMI-CEC control for my WDTV Live using the remote for my Sony Bravia KDL-60NX720.  There does not, however,  appear to be an option on the Sony remote that mirrors the WDTV Live’s  ‘Back’ button function.  Is there any way I can create such a button mapping on my Sony remote?  I would like to use only a single remote for basic WDTV Live control functions. 

Any information is appreciated.

The only remote that I know that can emulate all the functions of the WD TV controller, is the Logitech Harmony.

The question wasn’t about emulating all of the function of the WD TV remote.  The question is around HDMI-CEC control and whether the ‘Back’ button on the WD TV remote should have a corresponding command on the controlling device’s remote that mimics it.  In the case of the Sony / Samsung, I would assume this to be the ‘Return’ button, on LG I would assume this to be the ‘Back’ button. 

It works this way on other HDMI-CEC enabled devices, I would like confirmation that this is not the case for the WD TV.


I can confirm the problem. I am having the same issues using the remote of my Sony KDL-37EX500 or the remote of my Onkyo TX-NR609 (RC-803M).

It’s not possible for me to go “back” or “return”. I can also not get to the main menu with any button.

Another problem is that HDMI-CEC is unable to start the WD TV Live. I can shut it down perfectly using the RC-803M, but it’s not possible to power it on.

Please fix it, thanks in advance!

sounds like a CEC limitaion with certain devices. It’sprobably possible that a firmware update on WD side could map the buttons to work for CEC enabled divices but I’m not savvy on that stuff.

I have CEC enabled on my PS3 and can navigate and start dvd movies (enter key & it’s arrows) but when watching said movies none of the media buttons work (play/pause, ffw, rw etc.)

I have bigger HDMI-CEC problems…

CEC seems to work, it shows up in my TV’s CEC menu (Samsung LN46B650), so it’s labeled “Anynet+”, and selecting it will change the input and wake up the WDTV Live.  However, none of the other buttons on the TV remote seem to do anything after it has switched to the WDTV Live.  I have to use the WDTV remote or a remote app on a smartphone to control the WDTV.  Does anyone else see this behavior on Samsung LCD TVs?

The only other CEC device I have is a samsung BD-player from the same generation as the TV, and unsurprisingly, CEC works perfectly there.  So, did samsung do some weird proprietary CEC stuff, or is there a problem with my WDTV, or both?

I used serveral CEC devices and HDMI-CEC isnt the problem - just the WD implementation.

For example: My Loewe TV Remote works perfectly with Onkyo reciever - “Arrow keys”, OK, Menu, Back, …its possible to do all configuration on the Onkyo with Loewe remote via CEC.

With the WD Live Streaming the most important function (back key) isnt working.

I really hope this issue will be fixed.

I second that. HDMI-CEC is working fine for all other devices I have setup. Just the WD TV with firmware 1.06.04 does not support the most important functions.

I would really like to use my much better and much more stable Onkyo remote instead of the WD remote which doesn’t work if it’s more than 1 meter away from or not pointed directly at the device. But the missing back button support and possibility to turn the WD on using CEC is preventing me from using just one remote.

I have the exact same problem with a Samsung LN40B650.  Only the FF and RW buttons work.  Doesn’t even help a little since stop and play buttons don’t function either.  Very frustrated.  I am considering returning it tomorrow