WD TV Play

I can’t seem to find where to add a network drive or location like I could on the WD TV Live, what am I missing?

sorry I poted a wrong answer wasent aware of wd tv play

I don’t know if the manual will help ?


I did, it seems like I may need a DLNA device or server. Still looking into it.

I’ve personally seen nothing that suggests network shares on this device, only media server support (DLNA).

Correct.   Neither Samba nor NFS are supported.  DLNA is the only network capability.

Hi, Tony

So does that mean you have to install DLNA compliant software on your PC to serve files ?

Which would mean “Media Server” only for networking ?

So you would need software like Twonky, Tversity or PS3 Media Server which is ‘Free’ & DLNA Compliant ?

I don’t own one of these (or intend to) … just asking :smiley:

Yep; basically that’s it.