WD TV Play will not set up. Balck screen after set up of network

I have 2 WD TV Play Boxes, About 2 years ago I noticed that there was an update to both of the boxes, After this update they both stopped working. They would go to the startup screen then go to a black screen. I used the reset with a paper clip. It then went as far as the Setup screen. I got as far as the set up for the network. Which connected. Then suddenly a black screen and nothing.
Would love to know how to fix this. They are both doing exactly the same thing and I believe it was the update that caused this.
Can anyone help. I cant find any information on this anywhere.

throw them in the garage and buy some new current supported media players.

the WD TV Play was dead and discontinued almost 12 Months after they were released (because they were a bad, stripped down features product that didn’t sell well) … and since you haven’t used yours for 2 years after they stopped working … time to let them go and buy something that works.