WD TV Play not working as intended



I’ve had this media player for almost a year. In the beginning it seemed to work a bit more steadily. For the last 3 months it’s been horrible to use. No matter if I’m using Youtube or Netflix or anything, it just crashes with a black screen and does not respond to anything else than power off. I can power it back on, but the screen remains black, until I power cycle it.

Sometimes I can play up to 10 songs on Youtube without crashing, sometimes it crashes before I can put even the first song to play.

And there’s something wrong with Netflix too. Sometimes it starts lagging with subtitles. Again gotta power cycle to resume normal behaviour.

Could you release an updated firmware to fix these ridiculous problems?

EDIT: Just to prevent anyone from asking stupid questions; yes, I have reset the device. And installed firmware version is the newest available 1.05.47.


Hello there.

This is not normal. I recommend contacting support so they can further assist you on this matter:



I have also similar problems… i have contact the ITALIAN support and ASK for change this LEGACY with a products have a FIRMWARE upgrade!

I have a cause for change opened but never appened…