WD TV Play Media Player doesn't support DVD video_TS (VTS_01_VOB) content


My WD TV Play Media Player doesn’t support DVD video_TS (VTS_01_VOB) content

The following message I see:

“kan geselecteerd bestand niet afspelen. Raadpleeg de handleiding voor een lijst met ondersteunende bestandindelingen”

Other files like: ISO / MKV / MP4 do work perfect

So when I download a serie with my PC with for example 4 DVD’s. After that I will move the complete serie with 4 DVD’s (including video_TS content) to my external USB WD Elements 1 TB - it won’t be recognized by the mediaplayer.

But when I do exactly the same thing with te same PC and the same WD USB External Elements and plug it into my Netgear Mediaplayer it does work?

Please Help!

Firmware: 1.05.47

Many thjx in advance.

You’re correct, the WDTV Play does not support DVD media because it does not support the MPEG2 video codec.

Nothing you can do about it except convert your videos to a supported format.

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Thx - and can you advise to which format I can convert it? Then I can google a manual to convert that. Regards Dennis

Any of the formats listed on the specifications:


Thx - so I will buy the WD TV Live - problem solved? http://www.misco.nl/product/987179/Western-Digital-TV-Live-WDBGXT0000NBK-Media-Player

That’s the Old Device (i think it does … it’s been a long time)

Shop around for the Newer Device (Which i know will play DVD with Menus)