WD TV not seeing new files on NAS

I set up my WD TV to read files on my DNS-323 NAS, dont remember how, but I did it.  I recently added new files on the NAS, but my WD TV does not see them, it is even reading folders that I had deleted.  I think I need to rescan the NAS, but have to idea how to do this.  Also, I am confused on what I need to do for the media library.  Can someone please dumb down some instructions for me?




Turn the media library off and then turn that again so the unit will rescan your share folders

I turned media library off and then on agaon to no avail, however I did not add a folder into the media library.  I thinkj you are supposed to do that, but I do not know how or my DNS 323 is not set up for it.