Wd tv multiplying

Contacted the guys at WD about an issue with my wd tv multiplying mp3’s when the hard drive is connected,they suggested a reset and a factory default reset…has’nt worked,please has anybody any ideas…thanks.

Multiplying MP3s?   What’s that mean?

I have 400 music files in mp3 format that have doubled and now tripled…1200

There’s actually more FILES?  Or the WD just SAYS there’s more files?

If it’s the first, then I have no idea.

If it’s the 2nd, try deleting the hidden “,wd_tv” folder from the root of the HD.

Connect the drive to a PC and review the folders.  Do a search for a specific MP3 you think is duplicated.  If it shows up more than once, look to see where the files actually are.  It’s possible you have a nested folder or two.

If the folders/files are not duplicated, then try as suggested; delete the .wd_tv folder while connected to the PC.  Empty the trash before ejecting the drive and reconecting it to the WDTV.

The W.D. just says their is…they only appear once on the hard drive…like,each song in triplicate,not in separate folders.Thanks for listening Tony…it’s a strange one.

Saved the files,deleted them from the drive,then reinstalled them…at present WD TV only displaying 1 of each,if their was a nested folder it was well hidden…thanks for the help chap’s.