WD TV Mini

I just bought a TV Mini, which I hooked up to a 28" sony wega using the yellow,red white cables.

When I turned it on it asked me what type of connection was being used.  I selected the yellow red white one, and the TV then ended up with a wobbly picture.

It’s not impossible to see the menu, and I can’t work out a way of resetting it.  I’ve tried pressing the reset button for various periods of time to no avail.

The TV does not have another connection.

Any ideas?



You’re in the wrong forum; this forum is for the WDTV LIVE and Live+.

However, my GUESS is that you are either:

   1>  Not connected to the correct jacks on the TV

   2>  You’re either set for PAL or NTSC when your TV expects the other.   You can change that via menus or by depressing the RESET button for MORE than 10 seconds.

[Edit:  It’s been moved to the correct forum.]