WD TV Mini Media Player not recognising WD 500GB Passport HDD USB 3.0

Just bought WD TV Mini Media Player and its  not recognising WD 500GB Passport HDD USB 3.0

I plugged a 4GB memory stick in to the media player and it reads to check media player is in order.

I can copy to and read from the passport on my mac, just when I go to plug it to the media player its not recognised

Do I need to format the HDD? or is it a USB 3.0 thing??

You’ll probably havie better luck posting in the TV media section.


It depends on how you formatted the hard drive the wd tv mini Supports USB device file systems: FAT32, NTFS, HFS+ (no journaling)

thanks, I initially reformatted the drive and then deleted the files that prompted the formating, do you know where I can locate those files so I can go through the process again? what format out of the ones you recommend is best to go with??

Dont use the program to format it because it will format the drive as journaled.

go ahead and follow these instructions for formatting.