WD TV Mini firmware issues (again!)


I am a new WD TV Mini Media Player owner and wanted to upgrade the firmware. 

  1. I am a Mac user with access to a Win7 laptop

  2. I have 2 x USB sticks 

i) 1Tb Verbatim 

ii) 2Tb SanDisk Cruzer 

  1. I have a SECOND generation box, but the P/N is NOT the same as on the WD site. 


I also own an Apple TV I successfully hacked and came across the issue with certain USB sticks not being recognised. The Verbatim 1Tb finally worked for me on the Apple TV and I had hoped it would work on the WD box. 

If I download an official WD firmware update to PC or Mac onto a FAT / FAT32 or NTFS formatted USB stick into the ROOT directory (top) I cannot see the files at all. 

There is NO “Firmware” icon at all. 

To add insult to injury I can get the WD to ‘see’ the first gen update files, but still there is no ‘Firmware’ update icon. 

I’ve even resorted to taking the unit to pieces and can conclude that the unit’s PCB notes that it is 2nd gen and not a 1st gen stuck in a newer box (as if WD would do such a thing!) ;) 

I have had a look online and it would appear to have been a common issue, but none of the solutions mentioned appear to be working for me at all. 

Anyone got any suggestions? 

I suspect it is something very straight forward as initially the Apple TV was a pig to update, but once it was done the first time it was fine from then on. 

Thanks in advance! 


Happy 2011 ! 

I’m scratching my head WHICH unit you’re trying to update:


There is no “Second Generation” MINI.

The latest Firmware for THAT device is 1.00.60.

Is that what you’re trying to upgrade?

Ahhhhh, okay so it turns out that I am looking at the WRONG firmware downloads available elsewhere. Thanks, that explains it!