WD TV Mini Best video and audio codecs


I have been experiencing a sound delay with video and after reading numerous posts I understood that WD are not going to fix this (Dear WD, I hate you for that), yet someone said that everything works with user made videos. Since , I bought it because it was cheap and had a good company name (I am happy with my WD 1TB Elements Desktop) and now I just don’t have enough time to return it, I’ll try to get what I can from it…

So my question.

What video codec, audio codec, resoliution, container and other parameters are used to get the most out of this box?

Also if you know a good software which supports these parameters and is free, please tell me.



Hi Martin,

The WDTV Mini supports a wide array of video extensions along with codec’s.  The Appendix at the end of the user manual is the best place to obtain the full charting.

The information that you stated is correct, in that the files will work fine, provided you are the owner of the original files.  Depending upon how they are encoded and the encoder.  If you are on a Mac, you can use iMovie,  or  a third party software such as Handbrake.  On Windows, you can do a Google search and find many softwares for free that will convert the files and allow you to choose the codecs you want. 

Keep in mind that depending upon the original file that is being converted, you may have to try different supported codecs as some codecs (from original files) will encode differently.

Most of the Audio Video sync issue that we have encountered have been from files that people have downloaded from the internet.  It is very difficult to work with these types of files as many upload servers will change the format of the original file to one that is more easily stored on the server.  Then someone downloads it and converts to a supported file.  Now the original file has been encoded at least twice, not counting any encodings from the original source file before it was uploaded.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Ill be happy to help.