WD TV Media Player

Is there a way to turn the thumbnails off? Im using my mycloud ultra and connecting to it from my WD TV Media Player and every video title has a thumbnail. Just about all of them are the same 1 thumbnail, and I want to remove them or turn them off. Check the picture of to see what I’m referring to.

In the upper right corner you should be able to toggle between views. I’ve always liked the list view myself.

Yeah, even the other views are showing the wrong thumbnails and list view is honestly the best view on the medial player.

Yep … a quick and simple Theme xml edit will remove them

I’ve retired from themes and wdtv’s … but quickly did this, hope it works

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3mlc6qfi1uz8nv2/Listmod.zip

and follow these instructions to upload to the WDTV

How to install / upload a theme.

To install the theme, download the Listmod.zip file to your PC, open your web browser (I don’t recommend using IE8 or 9, there have been issues), then type your WDTV’s IP address to open the Web UI. (go to Setup > About on your WDTV to find the IP address)

Type in your password (the default is “admin”), click on the box next to “I accept” and then click on LOGIN, then click on “Appearance”, then click on “Browse” and navigate to where you saved the “Listmod.zip” file, then click on “Open”.

Click on “Submit”, then once the Web UI finishes uploading the theme, on your WDTV press “Setup” on your remote, select “Appearance”, then select “User Interface Themes”, select “Listmod” then when prompted select “Apply theme”.

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That worked great. Thanks a lot JoeySmyth.

One more question… Is there a way to remove the metadata completely? There’s 1 thumbnail image showing for every file, its quite annoying. Appreciate the assistance. Thanx in advance.