WD TV Media Player runs hot

Anyone has a bad experience with WD Media Player running hot?  The case only has holes in the bottom but nothing on top and It starts to smell funny after running for some time. 

yes a lot of people have reported it runs hot 

there arent any heatsinks inside … see this comparsion of older models


and here is inside the new WDTV’s


another user added his own heatsinks: http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Live-Plus/WD-TV-Live-Streaming-player-getting-super-hot-and-having-random/td-p/611147

I guess you could try flipping it over … so the the holes are on top (might disperse the heat quicker)  :neutral_face:

Or someone suggested a Laptop Cooler Pad (which could be powered by the WDTV’s usb)


Thanks for the information. I have the old wdtv live hd and never had a problem getting hot. Sounds like a fan or vent holes on top would have helped. The unit I have was  a gift and I don’t want to break the warranty either. Maybe flipping it over and placing a cooler fan would probably do the trick short of opening it up and adding a fan inside as shown in one of the pictures from the link you have in your response. Or just return the thing for a refund so I do not have to deal with it.

Thank you very much JoeySmyth