WD TV Media Player - File Freezes During Playback

I have searched and searched the WD Community for any kind of solution… I have yet to find one that applies to my issue. (I have also tried to troubleshoot using possible “solutions” provided is similar topics like mine)

Some topics state that the file is not encoded correctly, muxed, remuxed unmuxed recoded shmecoded… bah been there done that tried it still not working!!

I don’t really want to revert back to the previous firmware since that one also was causing the issue

1 - WD TV Media Player with latest firmware: 1.02.17 - Issue persists

2 - Second WD TV Media Player sent by WD Support (First was supposedly causing issues) where as this “new” player has same exact issues - Issue persists

3 - Any type of file (.avi, .mkv, .mp4…), used mediainfo to verify even reencoded using Handbrake for testing some files - Issue persists

4 - Used network connection OR Plex (also tried TVersity)  - Issue persists

5 - Connected 2 different drives directly to device (WD MyBook, Seagate) -  Issue persists

6 - Used 2 different USB cables - Issue persists

7 - Reset, restart, formatted external drives, formatted PC… you name it… - Issue persists

Issue 1 - File will play (all files at least play for 5, 7, and if I’m lucky… 15 minutes) then image will freeze.  After several minutes, file will fast forward until it starts playing normal again for a few minutes… then again we go freeze, fast forward, play, freeze, fast forward, play… until the end of the movie

Issue 2 - File will play for a few minutes (it depends) then image will freeze.  Then will simply stop and return to the folder OR play the next available file.

** Issue 1 will occur when previous files experience issue 2 and vice versa **

** In other words… it happens all the time **

I contacted the support for my previous device that had the same issue (including network and media library issues) so they sent me this new device… thinking the first was defective… I guess they are all defective!

So for one last attempt:  I just formatted my pc, the seagate external drive, reset the device to factory defaults.  Connected the external drive with USB - Issue persists… Issue persists… I s s u e  p e r s i s t s .  .  .  . …

I have had “this” device since late October and I have YET to watch a complete, uninterrupted movie from it. 

I’m done with this.

Sounds like bug #3. Just check out the thread to see if there’s any more info you can offer to narrow this down. I’m still under the impression it’s due to a network connection, so with any removed, does it work?

Thank you for your reply, however, this is not Bug #3, And I do not know what else to add to explain the issue…

I do not have network connection and it does not work.  I have removed any network information and I have used USB directly in device, no files play continuously.

You’re right, I meant bug #4. Now that you say, you don’t have any network connection we seem to be back at square one. Unless of course it’s really a heat problem.