WD TV Media Player does not Play most HDHR Prime Stations - Comcast Update Mpeg4

I am unable to play all stations that comcast / Xfinity recently update from mpeg2 to meg4 this update took place this week in in Chicago area. I am using a WDTV Live box with the HDHR Prime 3 tuner box. WD Live box complains that it can not play the file format. I have been using this setup up for over 2 years with no issues. How can I get WDTV Live unit to recognized the format to play these stations? WDTV live will probably never come out with a new firmware update after is 4/20/2616 update.

Please help thanks!!!

Not going to happen. Firmware doesn’t add codec support. It’s all in hardware, which can’t be “updated.”

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