WD TV Media player 1st Generation not playing .vob files

Hi All, new to the community and in need of your help please. I have a WD Tv Live media player 1st generation. this has been working fine for  nearly 2/3 years and suddenly no .vob or .mkv files seem to wanna play. error file format not recognised.

I have read many post on this topic and unfortunatelly none of the solutions have resolved my issue. 

I have updated the firmware to v.1.03. sadly this has not worked either. I can not find any way to downgrade the firmware. I am keen to know how to fix this.

please HELP.

thanks in advance

1.03 is VERY old, 1.06 is the current version.

Ok will try and let you know.

Can you please send me the link to the firmware.

Many Thanks

Hold on a sec.  In your ORIGINAL post you said “WDTV Live (1st gen.)”

The firmware for that box is here:


But the fact that you say you’re using version 1.03 right now makes me think you do NOT have the WDTV Live, you have the WDTV HD (Gen 1), which 1.03 *is* the latest for it.

The Gen 1 hasn’t been supported for several years now (over three years.)

So you need to make sure you know which product you actually have.

Apologies this is a WD TV HD Media Player. The current firmware version is 1.03.01

However my question still remains, I am still unable to play .vob or mkv file which i was able to play before. I dont understand what has just changed.

error i get is:
“Unable to play the selected file. Please refer to the user manual on how to change the file to a supported format”

It’s bizarre that I am unable to play any movies that i was previously able to play.

Please advise how i can get this fixed. Appreciate your help.


Same exact actual file, or the same TYPE of file?

yes same exact actual file. Files that i was able to play before.

To Troubleshoot the matter further i borrowed my brother’s WDTV (2nd Gen), connected my hard drive (WD My Book 1tb) and played the mkv and .vob file with no issues.

Furthermore I have discovered that few of my friends using the 1st Generation WD TV  are experecing the same issue. unable to play .vob and .mkv files. Files which they were able to play from theire media library.

something clearly has changed in the 1st Gen WD TV.

Your help much appreciated.

Thanks again.

I don’t remember the old WDTV HDs ever supporting VOBs.

As to MKVs, please post the MEDIAINFO for one of the files that isn’t working.


like i said in all my earlier post that i have been using this for nearly 2/3 years and it has been working fine. suddenly this has stopped working.

YES they do support VOB.s clearly one of the reason why i bought the device.

I also stated that my friends have the same device and magically their WDTV has stopped working.

please explain that?

Yeah, you’re right… VOBs are supported… But DVD-mode VOBs aren’t… My mistake.

with all due respect are you giving me the run around, you either know the fix or you don’t and i will seek further advice.

giving me anwsers of the nature below is wasting my time.

READ My earlier post again. I said i have been using the device for several years and have been playing all sorts of VOBs and MKV,s - movies that i have played from my library are no longer working.

Clearly something has gone wrong in the device.

Furthermore i also wrote in my earlier post that few of my friends have the same WD TV and experiencing the same issue. Its a bit of a coincidence don’t you think?

sid1978 wrote:

with all due respect are you giving me the run around, you either know the fix or you don’t … giving me anwsers of the nature below is wasting my time.

Wow.  Hey.   I just admitted to my misunderstanding in the previous post.

I don’t have an answer for you.

Hi sid1978 where will you seek further help with that sort of attitude.

apologies I didn’t mean to be rude, i am just a little annoyed why this has stopped working and no one seems to know the fix.

A bit bizarre that all my friends/brother with the same device are having the same issue.

Thanks for all your help though.

Once again apologies.