WD TV live

HI, I was wondering if the reason I was having so much trouble with my unit is because I’m using windows XP. All of a sudden the unit wont connect to the network and I have no idea why. Nobody else seems to have as much trouble with their units as I do with mine

Hi tbrazz, have you tried some simple troubleshooting steps, like power cycling or resetting the WDTV? 

Hi, I’m always resetting the power as the unit is always locking up on me. At present its locked up. It started a movie and just locked up. This is a quite comon accurance. I dont really like just pulling the power as I dont know wether the WD Passport harddrive that I have plugged in to it will be damaged. Also I have two other computers on this network and I can stream movies to them no problem but this unit is so frustrating. I’m really sorry I bought it, 

I’ll go and try resetting the unit again,Would you know if it should work on windows XP