WD TV Live - won't play files from external hard drive


    I have  model WDBHG7, I’ve been using it extensively for months. I love it. Watching movies off a flash drive works flawlessly.

    I recently purchased a Toshiba Canvio Basics 3.0 1TB external drive to be able to store more movies to watch. Running Windows XP I formated the drive using NTFS and copied all my movies to it, the same movies that play fine off of a USB flash drive.

    When I connect the drive to the WD TV Live I can see all the movie folders and files on the drive but, when I try to select one to play, the circular arrow symbol just goes in circles and nothing happens. Ive waited for up to an hour and tried playing many different movies. Same result.

    My firmware is 1.10.13

    Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

The hard drive might not be receiving enough energy from the WDTV, have you tried using another USB port on the WDTV?

Hi, I would try a powered hub, sounds like the SMP doesn’t have enough power to spin the external drive to proper speed. I always use powered external drives to keep this from happening. Some require more power than others.