WD TV Live wont connect to network

I bought a WD TV Live, this one http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=330, a while ago and i’m very happy with it. 

But my problem with it is, that it won’t always let me go on the internet.

Sometimes it won’t even connect to my wireless network. It says it can’t get an IP and i should try to do it manually.

How to fix this problem?
I would like to connect to my media server, but the WD TV won’t find it, but all other computers in the house can find it.

And one last thing… My WD TV is very slow to turn off. When i click the button on the remote, it turns off after 5 seconds or so. The batterys are new.

And today it turned on by itself, while i were at work, even though i’m living alone and the remote was in a drawer.

With these problem should i just send it in, to be repaired?

Sorry for my bad english.

Are you using a wireless or wired connection? If you are using a wireless connection, you might be having a low signal problem. 

I’m using wireless, yes.

Low signal?

My Playstation 3 and notebook, which is in the same room, has no problem with the signal at all.